Angelic Nails has launched 8 New Gel Colours for spring:

-Snow Flack: a Milky White gel colour with a shimmer
-French Kiss: a Milky Pink gel colour with a shimmer

-Kiss ME: a Peachy Pink Neon Pastel colour
-Tropic Tease: a Vibrant Orange Neon semi Pastel gel colour
-Sweet Lips: a Pink Purple Neon Pastel gel colour
-Gossip Girl: a Vibrant Pink semi pastel gel colour

-Sea Mist: a Teal/Turquoise Blue gel colour

-Sunset Rock: a Vibrant Orange gel colour

These colours can be mixed and matched to satisfy any clients needs or as stand alone colours that will turn heads.

Available to order at

Spring Colours 1

Spring Colours 2

Spring Colours 4